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Mirrored Walls for a Home Gym or Studio

Mirrored Walls for a Home Gym or Studio - House of Mirrors - Mirrors Calgary

We often install mirror walls as a décor technique in order to create the appearance of more space. This is great for an awkward corner, or when strategically placed to beam more light into a particular part of the room. But if you work out or dance, these mirrors could serve a practical purpose.

In a Living Room or Basement, mirrors can provide the aesthetic advantage of adding more light or dimension to your space. When it comes time to exercise, this can be transformed into your own personal home gym so you can monitor your posture, movement, or keep yourself motivated.

On or Inside a Closet:

If your work-out or yoga zone is in your bedroom, you can install a mirror in or around your closet. Then you can use it every morning as a personal mirror as well. If your closet is large enough, why not add it on a wall with some strategically placed lights? If you want to keep it even more hidden, consider installing it on a swinging or sliding door.

Switchable Film or if you really can’t imagine where a décor mirror would fit in your home, consider our discreet switchable film. With switchable film, your mirror or window can transform from frosted to transparent glass at the flick of a switch. This offers more privacy or an aesthetic change to any glass surface.

Imagine the possibilities that a wall mirror could offer your home. Step your home gym up a notch, or give yourself a proper place to prepare for the day. As you begin to dream up new decor ideas, give us a call (403 253 3777) or visit our Calgary showroom to let us answer any questions you might have about this new addition to your home.