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More and more employers are coming to terms with the fact that an office that aims to inspire creativity has to look like it! The trend of office renovations for the past few years has been to bring in more light and eye-catching features, so we’ve compiled a list of the décor elements we can bring to your space so you can stay on-trend.

Frosted Glass

This can be used for partitions or doors in an office. The great thing about glass is that it makes a space feel light-weight and fresh. Translucent glass maintains privacy while allowing natural light to beam into an enclosed area. That being said, plain frosted glass can look a bit clinical. Here are two other options for you, if you’re thinking about using frosted glass are: 1) designed frosted glass or 2) switchable film.

Designed Glass and Switchable Film

Designed frosted glass can be a feature space for a company logo or a design that reflects the company. Work in agriculture? Get a landscape of the Alberta prairies emblazoned on your entrance. Or get your unique company logo or motto to feature behind a reception desk. Our frosted glass is totally customisable, so it’s more like a work of art that serves a functional purpose!

Fixtures and Tabletops

But what good is a space filled with translucent partitions if there’s not enough light to pass through it? We have a wide variety of Gravity Glass pieces for coffee tables, kitchen tables, or light fixtures. These are all unique, colourful, glossy pieces. They’ll add some colour and light to an otherwise drab office space.

It’s time to inspire your collaborators, employees, and clients with some colour and light. To be truly astounded, we recommend you visit our Calgary showroom to see our work for yourself. We’re located at F#24 5555 2nd St. S.E.