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Try Back Painted Glass

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Looking for an elegant contemporary appearance with functionality and versatility? Consider back painted glass. Sometimes known as colour coated glass, back painted glass is clear glass that’s painted from the backside and viewed from the front. This renders it opaque, with a solid colour. It comes in ⅛ to ½ inch thickness and can be made from annealed or tempered glass. It adheres to a variety of horizontal and vertical surfaces and can be used as a design element in both home and business settings.


Why use back painted glass?


  • Durability: Back painted glass endures heat, humidity and moisture. It will not peel, stain, chip or distort and looks fresh even years after installation.
  • Versatility: Back painted glass can be fabricated to your specifications and installed on horizontal and vertical surfaces. Available in unlimited colours, a range of glass surface options (low iron textures, anti-glare, etched), a variety of edges (bevelled, polished, seamed) and a number of patterns, it will set the tone and mood for any room. Back painted glass is available in a variety of thicknesses and in large sheets or small panels.
  • Hygienic: Back painted glass is non-porous so it won’t trap germs, bacteria or mildew. 
  • Low maintenance: It’s easy to clean and disinfect making maintenance quick and simple.



Use back painted glass in:


Commercial settings:

The crisp edges, clean lines and easy to wash surface of back painted glass makes it perfect for the formal or semi-formal atmosphere of an office, school or church.

  • Floor to ceiling wall cladding is a practical and aesthetic way to break up large plain walls and fill empty spaces in a lobby or other high traffic areas. 
  • Create writable surfaces (whiteboards) with white back painted glass. The white colour makes markers stand out and is perfect for waiting and meeting rooms in offices and churches and for school classrooms. 
  • Conference room table tops made of back painted glass are beautiful, durable and low maintenance. 
  • Glass wall panels or glass room dividers can be painted in company colours to provide office décor that enhances branding.

Residential settings:


  • The kitchen: Back painted glass is non-porous and easy to clean making it perfect for vibrant (seamless or nearly seamless) backsplashes, custom glass tabletops, modern bar tops and kitchen islands. Have a contemporary kitchen? Try back painted glass cabinets for a sleek and modern appearance. Consider cladding kitchen walls in back painted glass as it resists heat and moisture and maintains a finish for a long time.
  • The bathroom: Back painted glass withstands moisture, is easy to sanitize and looks amazing with the glass, metal and porcelain often found in bathrooms. Use it as a backsplash or as a washbasin countertop. Its smooth seamless appearance is perfect for shower wall panels. Try glass wall panels that blend in with the other walls or introduce a vivid burst of colour.
  • Kids rooms: Consider a white back painted wall in a child’s bedroom or playroom. It’s the perfect writable surface for little artists. 



Bring vibrancy and versatility to your interior space. Use back painted glass for clean lines, a fresh look and easy maintenance. Homeowners and professionals can add a contemporary stylish design element that matches any colour palette with the addition of back painted glass. From backsplashes to wall murals and whiteboards, back painted glass is a great addition to homes and offices.

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