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Mirror Television: The Magic Mirror

Bedroom & Living Room Mirror

Sometimes, you just need a mirror to pull double duty. The mirror television is a sleek, discrete addition to any home, functioning as a normal mirror when switched off, but with all the capability and clarity of a high-definition television switched on. All mirror televisions support 1080p resolution video, and can interface with all of your home video electronics, such as Blu-ray players and video game consoles, and supports all home sound systems. With over 100 different frame style available to pick from, any television mirror can be made to blend with the décor of any room. Installation is as simple as hanging it on your wall. Best of all, because we are the manufacturer, you can buy directly from us for the best price.

Bathroom Vanity Vision Mirror

A Vanity Vision television mirror can also be added to your bathroom, adding sophistication and elegance in a matter of minutes. By adding an ultra-thin high-definition television that is directly behind the mirror pane,you can custom-size it to fit your bathroom’s unique needs, whether you want a small television or one that covers an entire wall. The Vanity Vision mirror television can be simply recessed into the wall for a completely seamless viewing experience. The mirror’s edges have a beautiful polish, and can be mounted with or without a frame, and you can pick any frame style you want to match your style and decorative taste.