F#24, 5555 2nd St S.E. Calgary, AB Canada T2H 2W4



Q.Where can I view your products and services?

A. Our showroom is located at #24, 5555 2nd St SE.

Q.If I don’t see what I’m looking for in your showroom can you still manufacture it?

A. Almost everything we do is custom here at House of Mirrors. If it can be done, we will work with you to find a way to get you what you want.

Q.How long will it take to get a representative to visit us onsite?

A. Our estimating team will contact you within 48hrs of a request being processed and will schedule a date & time that works for all parties.

Q.Once we’ve made our selections and sign-off is complete, when will the
nstallation begin?

A. Our lead-times can fluctuate depending on the products & services that you’ve made so please ask your sales representative and they will provide you with the current lead-times.

Q.Is there anything I should know before we build our shower?

A. Yes, there are many details to go over which may include wood backing in walls, clearance for door swings & hardware, proper sloping on shower curbs or floors, and the layout of the panels and door.

Q.How can I keep my shower door glass looking new?

A. We offer an in-house glass treatment referred as Diamon-Fusion (DFI). This can be applied to your new shower glass to help repel water, soap scum and other contaminants making it easier to clean. Please visit www.DFIsolutions.com to learn more about the benefits.

Q.Can I select a framed mirror over a bathroom vanity?

A. Yes, framed mirrors have been a popular choice for many people. With hundreds of frame samples to choose from, we are sure to find something that you’re looking for.

Q.When can I use my shower door after its been installed?

A. It depends on the configuration of the shower. If it’s only a single door with no sidelights, then you can start using it right away. If there are fixed panels that we’ve adhered to the tiles, then we would recommend a minimum of 72hrs of curing time before using your shower.

Q.Can I select custom size frameless mirrors for my exercise room?

A. Yes, we can offer you custom size mirror panels and would work with you on the design of your space.

Q.Can I mount light fixtures to my vanity mirrors?

A. Yes, we have drilled thousands of holes through glass & mirrors for a variety of electrical plug-ins, switches, and light fixtures. We would always recommend that when you mount your electrical plates or fixtures on top of the glass or mirror that you finger-tighten the screws.

Q.Could I use back painted glass or mirror for my backsplash?

A. Of course, you can! We offer a variety of tinted mirror choices and can also provide a line of colors with using back painted glass. This is a great alternative to having traditional grout lines.

Q.Is there a variety of Antique Mirrors to choose from?

A. We currently carry a line of (8) antique mirror patterns that are manufactured in sheet sizes of 96” x 60”. Please consider that some of these patterns are directional which could affect your design.

Q.Is it common for 10mm Frameless shower doors to leak a little?

A.Yes, unfortunately these frameless shower doors are designed with aesthetics in mind but are prone to leaking. We do as much as we can to prevent this by adding clear polycarbonate seals around the doors, but the doors need to have some clearance, so they don’t bind up against the tile or fixed glass panels.

Q.How long is the warranty on your products and services?

A.House of Mirrors offers a one year warranty, guaranteeing its products and workmanship are free from material defects. Warranty requires customers to maintain products according to best practice. For additional information, request our full Warranty Policy and Maintenance Guide.