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Antique Mirrors – Graceful Aging

If you enjoy an old-fashioned look, an antique mirror can lend a weathered charm to any part of your home. With their mottled patches and black edges, antique mirrors can not only add to a room’s style, but also change the character of a living space. They enlarge and brighten a room while staying tasteful and unassuming, or they can be positioned to reflect furniture, plants, or other features in your home to create a bold contrast.

Because true antique mirrors are often too fragile, warped, or damaged for use, the mirrors we provide are reproductions. Our antique mirrors come in a variety of styles to suit a very wide range of tastes, and are built to the specifics of your project. From conception to construction, you can specify your needs, and the finished product will have all the visual appeal of a true antique.