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2 Things That Make Us Successful in Calgary Home Renovation and Decoration

On many occasions, Calgary’s House of Glass, Mirrors, and Frames has been referred to as a “local institution,” a business that every homeowner, designer, and contractor should know. That’s quite a compliment, of course, but it points to the many years we’ve been serving the community, and the unique nature of what we have to sell.

In fact, new customers sometimes wonder how we’ve managed to not only survive, but thrive and keep growing, in such a competitive business – especially when new “big box” home decoration and home renovation retailers are popping up all the time.

We think that the success of our custom glass and mirror shop really comes down to two things:

First, we only sell the very best in glass, mirror, and framing products. Because we don’t sell everything under the sun, like a lot of other companies that carry glass and mirror products, we are able to get to know different manufacturers, and the levels of quality and value that they provide. In other words, because we concentrate on a relatively-small number of items, we can make sure that only the best are available on our sales floor.

And secondly, we ensure that every person who works for us has a passion for what we do. From the men and women you find working in our showroom to the warehouse personnel and back office staff, we look for employees who are passionate about great products and home design, and also about customer service. Although we have some items you can’t find anywhere else in Alberta, we think it’s our staff (and their willingness to go the extra mile) that really makes it worth it to buy from us.

Although the secret for success at Calgary’s House of Glass and Mirrors might not be complicated, it isn’t easy for our competitors to copy, either. Why not see for yourself by stopping into our Calgary showroom to check out the latest designs, products, and ideas?

Written by Greg Dunn. Visit Greg on Google+