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4 Good Reasons to Install a Glass Splashback in Your Kitchen


When customers come into the Calgary House of Mirrors showroom, we are always eager to show them our collection of architectural glass, and especially the glass backsplashes we have for kitchen projects. No matter what glass comes into view, they tend to make a big impression.

In fact, kitchen backsplashes are more practical than you might think. Here are four good reasons to consider one for your home:

1. Glass backsplashes are easier to clean than tiles. There are a number of reasons for this, including the fact that the glass surfaces pick up fewer particles and stains. Additionally, glass backsplashes don’t have grout that needs to be cleaned and replaced, meaning that they are lower maintenance and require less cleaning than tile.

2. Glass tends to be more durable than other materials. In the same way, thick architectural glass tends to last a very, very long time. Barring some form of unusual damage, it’s highly unlikely that you will ever need (or want) to change them out after they’ve been installed.

3. Glass backsplashes brighten a room. Because of the materials, textures, and colors involved, glass backsplashes add a unique dimension of color and brightness to a kitchen. As great as tile can be, you just can’t create the same kind of effect with a traditional kitchen backsplash.

4. Our custom glass backsplashes are simply beautiful. While this might not be the biggest reason in terms of practicality, it is probably the top draw when it comes to architectural glass backsplashes. Simply put, they are pleasing to look at, and create an instant conversational piece in your kitchen.

If you want a space that’s like no other, and something that will impress guests for decades to come, come see our glass backsplashes for yourself.

To see just why kitchen backsplashes are so memorable, stop into the Calgary House of Mirrors showroom today and let us show you what’s new.

Written by Greg Dunn. Visit Greg on Google+