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5 Great Places to Put a Mirror in Your Home

Here at Calgary’s House of Mirrors, we have seen a lot of great decoration ideas and inspirations over the years, especially when it comes to mirrors. That’s because mirrors can work especially well in Calgary homes when they are taken outside the regular spots and uses (for instance, in the bathroom).

To see what we mean, here are five great places to put a mirror inside your home:

1. Near the front door of the house. Many people keep a small stand or tray with things like car keys and sunglasses near the door. Why not add a mirror, as well? Not only does that allow you to take a quick look at yourself before you head outside into the world, but it also creates a nice visual focal point when visitors enter your home.

2. Opposite a large window. If you have a large, sweeping window on one side of a room, pairing it with a mirror on the other can create vivid reflections. That makes a wonderful draw for the eye in the living room or kitchen.

3. In a bedroom (with a large custom frame). Most people have mirrors in their bedrooms, of course, but by pairing them with custom frames, you let the mirror do double duty: both as a way to see your reflection and as a piece of art that makes the space more beautiful.

4. In smaller rooms. This is a classic trick. Adding mirrors to small rooms creates the feeling of much more space and openness, so give it a try if you have a tiny bedroom to work with.

5. Next to another mirror. Putting mirrors next to one another, in a decorative arrangement, can make them look more like artistic windows, and can add a distinctive style to a living room or gathering space.

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Written by Greg Dunn. Visit Greg on Google+