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About Custom Glass


Have you been considering adding more glass to your home? Do you want to go further than simply installing more windows or bringing in new mirrors? If so, you might be looking for a more customized, creative solution than you’d typically find in most homes.

At House of Mirrors, we design, shape, and install custom glass pieces for customers all over Canada. We pride ourselves on working extremely close with all of our clients to ensure that all needs are met to the satisfaction of recipient of one of our custom glass pieces.

If you’re unfamiliar with custom glass, you can get started by simply learning more about the creative art. Here are a few important things that you should know about custom glass:

It’s Nothing New

Custom cut glass has been used in a wide number of different industries for many years. Most long-time furniture manufacturers are quite familiar with the material, and automotive manufacturers and even modern gadget companies know it can be useful as well.

It Can Be Tailored To Your Exact Specifications

An experienced hand, like those at House of Mirrors, can easily produce various sizes and shapes of glass products for different uses. Because custom cut glass is made just for you, the process centers around meeting your exact specifications for the glass product you’ll be installing in your home.

Furthermore, custom cut glass manufacturers will frame and edge each product for the safety of their clients. Despite the fact that there are many pre-cut glass products available in stores nationwide, custom cut glass remains a popular choice for those individuals looking for a custom product that meets their exact personal requirements and preferences.

It’s Not Hard To Find

Custom cut glass is becomingly increasingly popular as homeowners across Canada realize the value that custom glass pieces can add to their homes. There are many companies out there that specialize in custom cut glass, but we hope that you keep House of Mirrors in mind for any custom cut glass projects you might have in the future.

You Can Even Do-It-Yourself

While it’s not recommended for all readers, those with experience and the ability to acquire the right tools can cut their own custom glass pieces right at home. Before attempting to cut your own custom glass, make sure that you have all essential safety equipment on hand and that you’re knowledgeable about all safety precautions surrounding custom cut glass.

Taking the time to learn how to cut your own custom glass can be extremely beneficial in helping you complete the various home improvement projects that are bound to arise over the years. It will also give you a creative new avenue to create special, custom wedding gifts or birthday presents for your loved ones.

That being said, not everyone has time to learn how to cut their own custom glass pieces for their home. That’s why companies like House of Mirrors are here to assist you with creating and installing custom cut glass pieces in your home.

To learn more about our products and services, please give us a call today at 1-403-253-3777 to discuss your custom cut glass project!