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Another Bright Idea: Using Mirrors To Enhance the Brightness and Depth of Your Space

Another Bright Idea: Using Mirrors To Enhance the Brightness and Depth of Your Space - House of Mirrors - Mirrors and Glass Calgary

How many mirrors do you have in your house? One in the bedroom, one in the bathroom? What’s stopping you from having one in every room – to watch yourself drinking tea, reading a book, stroking your cat, or just posing as you go about your day-to-day life? We at Calgary’s own House of Mirrors embrace our vanity and have found ways for you to live with a mirror in virtually any room. Not only because you’re gorgeous, but also because mirrors can add the look of more space and light to your home.

Mirrors Fool the Mind Into Seeing More Space because of the depth created in their reflection. First, consider the parts of your home that are narrow: entryways and hallways. Entryways can often feel tight when you’re welcoming your sister’s family of five through the door. When everyone is picking up bags or taking off their shoes in the same space, it can be quite cramped. You can visually “enlarge” the space by adding a hanging or built-in mirror to one wall. It also serves a practical purpose – everyone needs one last smile-check before they head out the door.

In a Living Room or Office, mirrors can be used to accentuate the existing colour hues in a space. By reflecting a wall, you can double up the colours that appear on an existing wall (which includes accents from a painting or vase), or add more light from a window. But be careful you don’t choose too loud a colour; if you choose to reflect a bright orange wall, you may soon feel like your office space is one big cheeto.

Dining Rooms Can, Perhaps, Lack Pizzazz, often because they lack a focal point. A focal point could be a lighting fixture, painting, candlestick holder, OR a well-framed mirror on one wall. Unlike built-in mirrors, a hanging mirror can do the work of a focal point whilst widening or lengthening the space. Choose from a variety of bold or detailed frames to compliment your space.

Or if all of this perspective-shift is making your head spin, fear not. Contact us today at (403) 253-3777, and we can offer personal guidance as to how to enhance the look of your home. Your home should look as gorgeous as you are. Let us help you feel at home.