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Are You an Architect, Builder, or Designer Looking for Great Home Ideas?

One of the greatest things about the House of Mirrors Calgary showroom is that we draw a lot of foot traffic from homeowners who are simply looking for inspiration. That is, we get men and women who come in, even if they aren’t looking to make a change in their home yet (or aren’t sure what that change might be) who just want to take a peek at what’s new and different.

And more often than not, they leave with something fun to think about.

As professionals in the building and design industry, you may not feel like you have the same luxury to stop into our Calgary showroom and look at what’s new in glass, mirrors, and framing. Even so, we invite you to spend a few minutes looking around now and then, because taking a little bit of time to browse can be even more valuable when you don’t have a specific project in mind.

Why? Because when you shop with a specific need in mind, you tend to filter out all of the other interesting things that are around, simply because they don’t meet the criteria at hand. By peeking through our showroom for a few minutes, however, you may just discover the inspiration for a new concept or idea that will come back to you later when you need it most.

Even though we’re biased, we know that there are lots of really interesting and exciting things you can do with glass in a home, from adding a futuristic look to bringing in more light and opening up the space. So, if you’re an architect, builder, or design professional who has a few minutes to spare – or counts on creativity to keep clients coming in – why not stop in and see us?

You might not leave with a new piece of glass or mirror, but we can almost guarantee that you’ll walk out of our Calgary showroom with a new set of ideas and inspirations.

Written by Greg Dunn. Visit Greg on Google+