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Bold Gold Home Redecoration this Summer

Bold Gold Home Redecoration this Summer - House of Mirrors - Glass and Mirrors Calgary

You may have noticed that home redecoration articles have become a little bit repetitive lately, and that can only mean one thing: the tides of home décor are changing, and a new style is upon us. We’re here to tell you all about the new trends that you can incorporate into your home this summer with the help of House of Mirrors.

Dark Wood

The days of minimalist hygge Swedish furniture has evolved in to a new kind of look. Light pastel colours are being overtaken by bold clashes of rich colours and pattern. One of the most significant changes is a new stain of furniture. Cabinetry trends have shifted towards darker stained wood. This is inspired by African and South American woodwork, which looks equally modern and stylised next to brighter colours and patterns.

Bold Colours

Amongst these new trends lies a new guidebook on how to organise and pair colours. Minimalist grey and white palettes are a thing of the past. Now is your opportunity to design a tropical garden! Background colours like faded coral, evergreen, and navy can be juxtaposed against bright yellows and reds. Go crazy and throw in a couple animal print throw pillows or animal artwords for that summer jungle vibe!


To top it all off, these colours will go great with metallics. The ever-gaining-in-popularity rose gold metallic can be added via lamps or figurines. Matte or shiny metals will do a great job accenting the colours you have added. The best way to incorporate metallics into your space, however, is with our help and custom mirror designs. We can help you create the perfect accent piece based off of the colours you’ve chosen. House of Mirrors can cut modern or antique style mirrors to any size so that they can work for any sized wall you need. If you’re using one in a living room, why not hang it as one of our specially designed hidden TV screens? That’s right, you can hide your TV set in a wall mount covered up by a mirror for those times when you have guests over and you want to change the energy to something more intimate.

We hope this inspires you to shake things up a bit this summer. As always, there’s no better inspiration than to visit our showroom at F#24, 5555 2nd St S.E. Calgary, AB, T2H 2W4. There, one of our friendly members of staff would be happy to guide you through the best way to change up your space in a way that works for you!