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Can You Improve Your Home’s Value With Glass and Mirrors?

Although we tend to see new homeowners and those who are renovating and redecorating most often at Calgary’s House of Mirrors, more and more people are coming to us for an entirely different reason: because they want to improve the value, sales price, or curb appeal of their house.

Believe it or not, there are a number of ways we can help them to do exactly that. That’s because, as with any improvement or upgrade, adding the right glass or mirror products to your home makes it more valuable, and more appealing to buyers and investors.

Here are a few quick ways to help your home sell faster – or for more money – by using glass and mirrors:

By giving spaces a more open look. Professional designers know that two rooms can have the exact same dimensions, yet feel drastically larger or smaller because of the way they are arranged and decorated. Glass and mirror products are well-known for their ability to add visual space.

By adding a modern feel. Although wood can have a wonderful, traditional feel, glass brings a sense of clean and modern decor to any room, and is often much simpler to maintain.

By making it distinctive. One of our favorite things to show to new customers is our collection of textured and colored architectural glass, which can make any room virtually unforgettable.

By installing glass stairway railings. Glass stairway railings aren’t just durable, but create a definite impression every time a visitor comes in through the front door. They are great way to make your home stand out to potential buyers.

By improving the look of kitchens and bathrooms. New glass makes these busy rooms seem fresh and brand-new, and are generally easier to replace than other services. Plus, outfitting the kitchen or bathroom with treated glass can make it easy to clean for years – a big benefit for anyone shopping for a new home.

If you’re looking for ways to make your home more distinctive, and more valuable, for professional buyers, then you owe it to yourself to stop by Calgary’s House of Mirrors today.

Written by Greg Dunn. Visit Greg on Google+