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Creative Ways to Use a Framed Mirror

While some homes embrace the additional space and reflective feel produced by carefully placed artistic mirrors, others have yet to embrace the full spectrum of what a masterfully crafted framed mirror can bring to a room.


If you’re trying to incorporate more decorative mirrors in your home, here are a few creative suggestions for you to consider:

Brighten a Dim Room

Regardless of the other beautiful art pieces in a room, a degree of darkness can pervade so incessantly that it overshadows the entire décor of the room. Adding more lights can help, but an expertly placed mirror can effectively alter the manner in which even the most poorly lit room is perceived.

By positioning a mirror where it will catch the immediate attention of guests, you can create an optical illusion of sorts. A mirror placed on the blank wall facing you when you enter the bedroom or the bare space in a bathroom can creating an immediate difference by brightening the space and making it appear larger than its’ actual size.

The “Room with a View”

If you have a room with a decently sized window, you can effectively double the mirror’s impact by placing a large mirror opposite of it. If the wall across from your window is completely blank, don’t hesitate to use a wall-to-wall mirror approach, as the effect on the perceived size of the space will only become more noticeable.

Embrace Mirrors as Art

Especially in niche areas of your home, a mirror’s simple artistic effect should not be discounted. Leaning a mirror against the wall in your living room can actually give the room a more sophisticated feel, while you may also effectively shorten one’s perception of a long hallway by placing a sleek mirror against the hallway’s end wall.

Mirrors placed as artistic pieces can also take on the feel of the season. By hanging decorative lighting, tinsel, or tiny bells from your mirror during the holidays, you can create a more festive atmosphere throughout your home.

A Broken Mirror isn’t Useless

If you’ve fumbled a mirror you were trying to hang and you find yourself left with only fragments remaining, don’t throw them away just yet! Of course, be careful when handling broken glass, but a well-trained hand equipped with a nail file can be incredibly effective at smoothing the edges of small pieces of glass.

Once your edges are smooth, broken mirror shards can serve a variety of purposes. You may choose to utilize a glue gun to secure pieces of broken glass to a decorative entryway table, or you might attempt to reface a drawer with a creative placement of glass pieces.

You Make the Rules

When it comes to using glass in your home, the possibilities are truly endless. Don’t hesitate to turn a mirror sideways, or be bold and hang it at an angle to make guests consider your artistic style. If you’re in search of a custom glass art piece for your home, please don’t hesitate to give the professionals at House of Mirrors a call at 1-403-253-3777 today!