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Making Magnetic Marker Boards out of our Back Painted Glass

Making Magnetic Marker Boards out of our Back Painted Glass - House of Mirrors - Custom Glass Calgary

Back-painted coloured glass adds beautiful texture to any space. It’s glossy surface plays with reflection whilst adding a splash of colour – any colour! – to suit your space. It also serves a whole variety of practical purposes.

Back painted glass panels can be made with a metal backing (for magnets), and they wipe clean turning the surface into the ultimate command station! If you or your family have a busy schedule, then you need a command station in your home. You may be thinking, “what is a command station?” A command station is an area in your home for your calendar, to-do lists, shopping lists, and important contact numbers all in one place. It should be somewhere that you will pass by often (kitchens are ideal).  Get creative and use different coloured magnets to represent different people in the house, or have them indicate whose turn it is to do certain chores. The possibilities are endless with a home command station, you just need the right resources.

Where should you put it? Your placement of your command station depends who it’s for. If it’s a personal organisation tool, then back-painted glass makes a great addition to a home office. If it’s for you and your roommates, the kitchen will ensure it’s noticed every day. If it’s a way to organise your children’s lunches and backpacks, then putting one close to an entranceway will ensure you don’t forget anything. Only you can know what’s best for your home’s chaotic dynamics — what other spaces can you think of to put back-painted glass?

Before you set up your back-painted glass, you should think even more about the customisation. At House of Mirrors, we love to be influenced by our customers’ creativity. An example of this could be to separating the glass into different coloured sections to represent different tasks or members of your family. Or perhaps you want a versatile and simplistic area that you can clear when you have company over. The great thing about back-painted glass is that it disappears whenever you want it to. Unlike a whiteboard, this organisational tool can transform into a blank wall with a simple wipe of a cloth.

Let creativity be your guide as you create a command centre that suits your home and routine. Need more guidance? Come visit our Calgary showroom at F#24, 5555 2nd St S.E. (T2H 2W4).