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Spring Refresh: Updating Your Bathroom with Glass Features

The days are getting longer. The sun’s rays give more heat. Snow is melting and the air holds the promise of early rain. Spring is here, or almost here, and it’s an ideal time to refresh your home. Take advantage of the weather and Spring sales. Beat the home improvement mob and increase the value of your home. Start now by creating a serene oasis of relaxation by adding glass features to your bathroom.

Glass Features to Consider For Your Bathroom

Glass is durable, low maintenance, customizable, safe, and fashionable. It makes a style statement! The following are some glass features you can use to update your bathroom this Spring:

  • Back-painted glass is clear glass, painted on the back. It withstands moisture, is easy to sanitize, and looks great with the porcelain, glass, and metal used in many bathrooms. Back-painted glass is cut to your requirements and can be installed on vertical and/or horizontal surfaces. Use it as a vanity countertop or a backsplash. Its smooth, seamless appearance is ideal for shower wall panels. Blend it with your bathroom hue or add a burst of vivid colour. 
  • Glass shower enclosures: Glass showers open up a small space. They’re low maintenance, durable, customizable, hygienic, provide a spa-like feel, and boost the value of your home. A frameless shower enclosure eliminates visual barriers and feels less bulky. Consider tinted or frosted glass for privacy. Try a glass shower enclosure and make your bathroom feel brighter, bigger, sleeker, and trendier.
  • A mirror is an indispensable component of any bathroom, adding balance, beauty, functionality, and creating the illusion of space. Consider a large mirror with sconce lights. Go bold with a wall of mirrors! Add two mirrors where two walls meet, effectively bouncing light into every area of the space. Play with shape, location, size, and style. Choose between framed and frameless models. 
  • Frosted glass doors: Frosted glass is glass with a pitted surface that makes it translucent, creating privacy while providing creativity and style and allowing light to enter. Frosted glass doors are especially great for bathrooms without windows. 
  • Glass shelves: Additional storage space is always welcome! Over-the-toilet storage and medicine cabinets feel outdated and often bulky. Consider glass shelves. They provide storage without making the space feel crowded or small. 
  • Frosted windows have a pitted surface that provides a clean, mold-free surface, permitting light to enter and giving a modern look to the room. These windows are useful when your room can be viewed from outdoors or if you want to hide a less-than-perfect view from your bathroom.
  • Glass cabinet doors: elevate a bathroom while showcasing your favourite bath salts, towels, candles, perfumes, and more. 
  • Glass backsplashes: Heat resistant, eco-friendly, easy to clean, versatile, and hygienic, a glass backsplash adds sparkle and shimmer to your bathroom! Try the show-stopping appeal of a glass backsplash.
  • Glass countertops: With many colours and textures to select from, a glass countertop is designed and cut to match your decor. It’ll boost your bathroom style!

Your bathroom gets more wear and tear than any room in your house! No wonder bathroom renovations are so popular! This Spring, try a few simple changes and transform your bathroom from boring to sumptuous, from bland to captivating, from dull to sophisticated. Upgrade your shower doors. Add style with a new mirror, glass countertop, or glass backsplash. Make your bathroom appear brighter, bigger, and chic. Add beauty and functionality with glass features and you’ll boost the value and appeal of your home. 

Looking for a custom glass shower enclosure? Want to try back-painted or frosted glass features in your bathroom? Interested in a glass countertop or glass backsplash for your washroom? Contact House of Mirrors and Glass. We’ll help you find the perfect installation for your space.