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Style Predictions Are In! Here’s What Your 2018 Home Might Look Like

Style Predictions Are In! Here’s What Your 2018 Home Might Look Like - House of Mirrors - Mirrors and Glass Calgary

Watching trend forecasts come in for the year is one of our favourite things to do. Half of the products we make for our Albertan clients are custom pieces designed to fit existing décor, while the other half is usually renovations which aim to transform and revitalise a home to look as modern and futuristic as possible.

Pinterest Predicts “Spa Bathrooms”

If you love your home, you want it to feel as luxurious and relaxing as possible for those nights when you just need to recharge. You should be excited about getting out of bed and brushing your teeth every morning, and relieved to come home after work at night. That’s why spa bathrooms are on the rise. New bathrooms are being designed with wide or space-creating basins to give you that ‘hotel bathroom’ feeling every day.

Naturalistic Architectural Design / Minimalism

Now that you’re visualising your perfect home, what else do you see? If you’re like many Pinterest users, chances are you’ve thought about minimalism, a lifestyle/style trend which focuses on the idea that ‘less is more’. By reducing clutter in their space and promoting a zen-garden-like aesthetic, minimalists say they feel their lifestyle becomes calmer. One way you can manifest your inner minimalist is to minimise and modernise your décor. If you’re decorating a new space, think about simple geometric shapes. Also, consider light coloured wood or chalk painted furniture. These colours will keep things looking fresh and neutral. If you are redoing an existing space, try to get rid of as much clutter as possible. Host a garage sale or closet giveaway to free you from your own build-up. With naturalistic and minimalist design, less is more!

Statement Piece Antique Mirrors

Whereas some people love the new minimalist aesthetic, others find it limiting. It’s nice to have a character piece in your room that carries an air of anachronism. Why else do we love cozy coffee shops with old leather-bound books, or pubs with shiny brass taps? If you’re going for an antiquated look, we can help. An antique style mirror can bring some character into a space, whether that’s a hallway, living room, dining room, bedroom, or bathroom. Our mirrors make a room seem bigger, and antique mirrors can take a plain bathroom and transform it from “bachelor pad” to “wistful and relaxed beach house”. What’s not to love?

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