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Textured Glass Design Trends

A textured glass window that reduces visibility.

Once exclusively found in luxury spaces, textured glass can now be found in many buildings, including home interiors. Visually appealing and introducing a tactile dimension, this decorative glass brings character and uniqueness to any room. With countless options available, textured glass can be used to transform your living spaces. 

What is Textured Glass?

Textured glass, also known as patterned, decorative, or obscure glass, boasts a pane that is textured on one or both sides. Made by imprinting a pattern on a sheet of hot glass through the use of rollers, textured glass creates a three-dimensional effect. Patterns may be simple (reeded lines, ripples, etc.) or intricate (geometric patterns, foliage, etc.). Textures can be applied to energy-efficient, safety, or Low-E glass as well as to glass of any size or thickness. This glass can also be tinted or coloured in a variety of hues. Textured glass reduces visibility while allowing light to pass through and can be used to accent the privacy and aesthetics of your home while complimenting almost any style of home decor. 

The Benefits of Textured Glass

Textured glass offers a variety of benefits. 

  • Privacy: Though often thought of as a decorating feature, textured glass delivers privacy to a space, with different textures offering different levels of obscurity. This makes it a perfect choice for bedrooms, bathrooms, and the home office. 
  • Light: Though textured glass offers a level of obscurity, it allows light transmission, bringing illumination to a private space. 
  • Customizable: Textured glass is customizable, and is available in many patterns, colours, and textures to suit your decorating needs and personal taste. It allows you to choose your desired level of privacy and illumination. 
  • Beauty: Textured glass adds a personal, unique touch to any room. Its aesthetic appeal blends with contemporary, modern, traditional, and/or vintage styles.
  • Wide range of applications: Textured glass lends itself to shower screens, bathroom windows, privacy walls, front/back doors, backsplashes, tabletops, patio doors, room dividers, cabinet doors, balustrade panels, furniture, lighting fixtures, and accent pieces. 

Design Trends in Textured Glass

This unique architectural glass is stylish, aesthetically pleasing, and functional, adding appeal to any space. It offers privacy while allowing natural light to penetrate. Textured glass is used to replace window and/or door glass (front, back, bathroom doors), enhance bathrooms (countertops, shower enclosures), bring beauty to the kitchen (cabinet doors, backsplashes), address privacy and design (bedroom, bathroom, home office), add an accent wall (living room, family room), boost the appeal of a staircase, and create privacy dividers (home office, between living room and kitchen). This multi-purpose material can be used to enhance almost any part of your home! 

How House of Mirrors and Glass Can Help

No matter whether your style is contemporary, modern, traditional, or vintage, House of Glass and Mirror’s architectural, textured glass allows you to create the impact you desire. Our versatile and beautiful custom glass will add luxury and grace to your home. We’ll help you create expressive shapes and designs. Visit our showroom for inspiration.