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Using Back Painted Glass as an Organiser

Using Back Painted Glass as an Organiser - House of Mirrors - Mirrors and Glass in Calgary

Spring time is a time we clear out all that we’ve been neglecting throughout the year. It can also be a time to get organised. If you have a hectic schedule, then you’re in need of a family control centre to organise school lunches, work schedules, and babysitter phone numbers.

Household Control Station

Back painted glass is perfect for a custom control station! It has a glass surface that’s easy to clean messes off of and doubles as a whiteboard where you can make a calendar, leave notes for each other, or plan out a grocery list. So convenient!

Clean and Chic

The clean look of back painted glass is perfect for a minimalist kitchen aesthetic. Completely customizable, you can use back painted glass with any existing wall colour to blend in with subtlety or give a pop of colour. It’s up to you! With no grout lines, it’s a fresh alternative to tile.

Easy to Clean

A lack of grout lines also means that back painted glass is easy to clean. Its sleek reflective surface is great for bouncing light around a room, but your family will love it thanks to being one wipe away from total clean. If you’re renovating your shower, you should also check out DFI coating for glass – it’s a filler for microscopic crevices in the glass, so water slides right off without leaving marks.

Use back painted glass as an organiser for your kitchen. It’s easy to clean and keeps your kitchen always looking tidy and fresh with its minimal design. Learn more about back painted glass by reading more posts on our blog, or visit our Calgary House of Mirrors showroom to see it up close (5555 2 St SE, Calgary, AB T2H 2W4, Canada) (pssst! We really recommend seeing it up close!). See you soon!