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Want to Add a “Brand-New Vintage” Look to Your Home?

Want to Add a “Brand-New Vintage” Look to Your Home?

Here at Calgary’s House of Mirrors, we think one of the best things about glass and frames (including our custom-made products) is that they are so versatile from a design and decoration point of view. One piece, with the right accents around it, can fit a number of completely different schemes.

And so, we have been a little bit interested in the “brand-new vintage” trend that we’ve seen so many homeowners and interior designers working with. The idea is pretty simple: to achieve a classic, traditional look, but without the hassle of having old furniture and decorations that need to be cleaned and repaired.

So, how can you pull off that kind of style while keeping the convenience of newer glass and mirror home decorations? Here are a few quick tips:

Decide on the exact style and colour scheme first. That way, you’ll have an easier time deciding which shapes and frames fit the look you’re going for.

Choose the right complementary pieces. Although glass and mirrors can fit virtually any decor, some of our items definitely seem more at home in a modern theme. Don’t be afraid to ask a salesperson for help choosing the right “vintage” element for your look.

Mix in new and authentic. Just because you want new furniture frames, for example, doesn’t mean you can’t throw in a couple of vintage posters or throw pillows. It’s all about creating the style you want, so don’t be afraid to experiment a little.

It’s never been easier to enjoy vintage home decorations without having to repair furniture you find in a thrift shop, or comb through the classifieds and piece items together. All you have to do is visit Calgary’s House of Mirrors, tell us what you are looking for, and let our team of designers and sales associates help.

Written by Greg Dunn. Visit Greg on Google+