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Want Your Space to Feel Bigger? Use a Mirror!

Mirrors Enlarge Space

Do you have a small room in your home? While you can’t change the dimensions of your space, you can make your room appear bigger. Mirrors enlarge and lighten spaces by reflecting light making them the perfect trick to help make that small room feel larger. The following are some suggestions for using mirrors to make your space seem bigger. 

  • Make a mirrored wall: Cover one wall of a small room with a bevelled edge or polished edge mirror glass. This oversized mirror complements your decor while seamlessly making the room appear larger.
  • Create a group of mirrors: Group budget-friendly mirrors of various shapes and sizes, forming a mirror arrangement that gives an organized feeling, creates character and adds depth to your space. To promote a unified look, paint all the frames the same colour. 
  • How about horizontal: Elongated, rectangular mirrors instantaneously make a wall look bigger! This trick is especially successful when using long skinny mirrors, creating the illusion of spaciousness. 
  • Pair a mirror with a light source: Candles and lighting fixtures go well with mirrors, adding atmosphere and dimension to a small space. Try an antique mirrored candle holder or place a lamp in front of a wall mirror.
  • Consider the dining room: A mirror and a chandelier pair well, reflecting light and making a small dining room feel twice its size. This arrangement allows for soft lighting and a spacious formal feel. 
  • Try mirrored cabinet fronts: Consider gluing mirrored tiles to your cabinet fronts to reflect the surroundings and make the room look larger. 
  • Fake a window: Cut and frame a mirror to mimic a window. This will open a small space and serve as a focal point. It tricks the eye, making the room seem larger. 
  • Try a tall mirror: It will draw the eye upward, instantly making the room feel more spacious. Use it at the end of a hallway or in an alcove. It’ll make the space feel lighter and larger and provide a sense of depth and continuity. 
  • Opposite a window: Placing a mirror opposite a window creates the illusion of space inside a room. It will ensure ample reflected natural light during the day and a view of the world at all times.
  • Along the staircase: A narrow, winding staircase can be made to look wider and longer with mirrors. Place a mirror on the opposite wall and watch the illusion unfold.
  • Bigger bedroom: Install mirrors on bedroom doors or cabinets to create the feel of extended space. A mirrored headboard gives a small bedroom a sense of depth. 
  • Create a focal point: Align all the mirrors in a room to a designated focal point, creating the illusion of depth and space.

There is no better friend to small spaces than a well-placed mirror! Mirrors make a room look more spacious, brighter and expansive. They are one of the best tools in a small homeowner’s decorating kit.

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