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Our Water Resistant Glass Helps You Keep A Cleaner Shower

Our Water Resistant Glass Helps You Keep A Cleaner Shower - House of Mirrors - Frameless Shower Doors Calgary

Less housework? Yes please! That’s the thinking behind DFI water resistant glass – your new favourite addition to your home.

What is DFI Coating?

It’s an invisible coating that’s applied to glass to make it more resistant to water. Therefore, you’ll have less spots from where water would normally dry on the surface of the glass. Many people use a wiper to remove moisture from the walls of their shower, but with DFI coating all you have to do is use your shower head to spray off any shampoo or soap leftover, and it will all slide away!

How Often Do I Have To Clean It?

DFI coating fills any small crevices in glass that normally catch water, which makes cleaning as easy as showering. Spraying water on the surface will release any traces of shampoo or soap, so your cleaning can be much more infrequent. While the amount of showers your bathroom goes through in a week may vary from home to home, we believe a DFI coated shower could cut down your cleaning to a quarter of the work.

How Do I Clean It?

On the rare occasion that water on its own won’t do to clean a DFI-coated shower door, we recommend you use a shower body puff or sponge to gently release any excess soap stuck on the sides of your shower. That’s it. No bleach, no fast-acting chemicals, just water and the occasional maintenance.

At House of Mirrors, we want you to spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying a beautiful space. Call us at (403)-253-3777 or visit our showroom this week to see DFI coated glass up close, or make any other enquiries about what we can install.