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Why Glass Railings in Calgary are Becoming a Home Renovation Trend

Here at the Calgary’s House of Mirrors and Glass, we have always thought that glass railings in Calgary are a wonderful investment. There just aren’t many other ways to give your home such a stunning look, and one that virtually every visitor will see and notice. In the past five or six years, however, we’ve seen glass railings become a hot trend, with homeowners and designers alike becoming interested in installing them.

Why the sudden interest for glass railings in Calgary? Here are a few of the biggest reasons:

Calgary glass staircase railings look fantastic. For purely aesthetic value, glass staircase railings are hard to beat. They just add a touch of beauty to an area that’s likely the centerpiece of your house, and a part of your home that is seen by lots of people every day.

They give any home a modern feel. While wrought iron and wood used to be in vogue, glass staircase railings have more of a modern look and feel to them. Often, a switch to glass accompanies new paint and furniture, as a way to bring the home “up to date.”

Glass railings in Calgary can actually help with inspections. As home inspections have become more rigid, officials are taking a closer look at worn down staircase railings – especially ones made out of wood that don’t seem like they are sturdy or dependable as they used to. Obviously, updating to glass staircase railings remove that problem.

As with most of the things we sell at Calgary’s House of Mirrors and Glass, glass staircase railings really have to be seen and felt to be appreciated. Why not take a few minutes to stop by our showroom and see why so many people are using glass staircase railings in Calgary to make their homes more beautiful?

Written by Greg Dunn. Visit Greg on Google+