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Why Glass Shower Doors are Simply Better

Why Glass Shower Doors are Simply Better - House of Mirrors - Mirrors and Glass Calgary - Featured Image

Perhaps one of the most obvious signifiers of an elegant bathroom over a lesser one is a luxurious shower complete with frameless glass shower doors. The hyper affordability of plastic shower curtains has largely given them an ubiquitous image of cheapness. While some refined options can be found in cloth shower curtains, even the most expensive shower curtain is plagued by more than just negative biases.



Shower curtains are infamous for mould and mildew. A family with a single shower will keep their curtain in an almost perpetual  state of dampness, ensuring that little black patches soon begin to sprout up. Trying to keep a shower curtain clean, smelling fresh, and looking good is a constant fight. Higher quality shower curtains, at least, can be washed at home, but the cheaper ones simply need to be replaced when they inevitably begin to mould. This can lead to excessive wastefulness when a grungy old shower curtain is replaced every year or two.


Frameless glass shower doors, on the other hand, are renowned for their easy maintenance. Innovative, protective coatings have helped to make these shower doors hydrophobic — keeping them cleaner long. Simply wipe or squeegee the surface quickly after a shower to prevent water stains, and once a week, use your favourite glass cleaner to remove any residue. Glass shower doors are custom made from strong, safety glass. They’re durable and won’t ever need to be replaced, but if an extensive renovation calls for new doors, they can be recycled.



Shower curtains offer a certain softness to a washroom, which can be lovely. But they also make your bathroom feel smaller, especially when the curtains are drawn closed around the bathtub. They divide the space and create unnecessary shadows, which can create a gloomy atmosphere inside the shower. 


Glass shower doors bring sleek, contemporary appeal. They present chic minimalism in the place of softness, and give your washroom an air of luxury. Because glass shower doors do not interrupt the flow of light, they visually enlarge the space. The bathtub becomes an open part of the room rather than a blocky obstacle. 


Your bathroom is one of the most intimate spaces in your house. So whether you’re simply updating your washroom for your own enjoyment or getting ready to sell, it just makes sense that you should carefully consider each element of your bathroom in order to craft a room that is beautiful and welcoming. Your shower should be a place of relaxation, and nothing — especially not a mouldy shower curtain — should come between you and the blissful heat of the shower. Call House of Mirrors and Glass today to discuss how glass shower doors fit into your dream bathroom.