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Why Invest in Architectural Glass or Other Artistic Home Decorations?

Why Invest in Architectural Glass or Other Artistic Home Decorations?

When new customers or homeowners come into Calgary’s House of Mirrors showroom for the first time, the architectural glass and other artistic creations we have on display often take their breath away. After admiring them for a while, however, it isn’t unusual for shoppers to ask whether these kinds of items are actually practical to own.

Are they? And if not, why invest in architectural glass or other artistic decorations at all?

To answer the first question, artistic glass pieces can be practical. There is certainly an added cost to having something so different in your house, but such pieces also tend to be incredibly durable, especially compared to products made of wood or metal, which are much easier to scratch or break. With proper care, glass can look great for an incredibly long time, which gives it a distinctive value.

The bigger question, though, is why to spend money on any kind of art – whether it’s made out of glass or something else. And the easy, obvious answer is because you want to. It might not be strictly necessary to make your home beautiful and unique, but it’s also something you aren’t ever likely to regret.

When you have architectural glass or other striking decorations in your house, they aren’t just conversation pieces, they are anchors that can tie your unique style and decor together for a very long time to come. In other words, they help you make your house into a home, something that is uniquely your space, and one that reflects your personality.

Does that make architectural glass worth it? We can’t decide that for you – the best way to figure it out is to come down and visit us for yourself so you can see whether these kinds of items appeal to you.

There are thousands of amazing things in the Calgary House of Mirrors showroom – from architectural glass to more traditional mirrors, shower doors, and picture frames. Spend a few minutes walking our aisles and see what kind of inspiration comes to you this week.

Written by Greg Dunn. Visit Greg on Google+