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4 Great Uses for Custom Glass in Your Home

If there is one thing that Calgary homeowners, professional designers, builders, and others all have in common, it’s that they love things that are “custom.” And why not? Popular items have their place – and they are popular for a reason – but who doesn’t love something that’s made just for them?

That’s something we try to keep in mind from time to time, as one of Alberta’s leading producers of custom glass, mirrors, and frames. Customers love our showroom and selection, but the products we have in stock don’t show off the full range of what we can do.

In fact, here are four great uses for custom glass in your home:

Glass shelves. Glass shelves are clean, durable, and add a fantastic look to an office, bedroom, or other space. If you haven’t seen or tried glass shelves before, then you might not be able to appreciate how truly striking and beautiful they are, so come into our showroom and see a sample.

Unique shower doors and glass shapes. From shower doors to tabletops, there are times when you want your glass to not just be beautiful, but also to make an artistic expression. From fish to mountain ranges and other shapes, we have been able to make all kinds of glass creations in the past, and could give you the perfect piece for your home.

Glass with tinted colors and special textures. In the same way, many Calgary homeowners never realized that the glass in their homes doesn’t have to be clear and/or smooth. If you haven’t seen what custom colors and textures of glass can do, then stop into our Calgary’s House of Mirrors show room and see what’s possible.

Glass wall dividers. The perfect way to separate a room or space, these can go from purely artistic elements to privacy-providing separations between areas. Glass wall dividers are a fun and affordable way to make different uses out of almost any space.

There are thousands of ways to use custom glass in your home, including a handful that we probably haven’t even thought of yet. If you have a great idea for custom glass – or are looking for one – visit the Calgary’s House of Mirrors show room today.

Written by Greg Dunn. Visit Greg on Google+