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At Calgary’s House of Mirrors, Big Inspiration Can Come From Small Changes

At Calgary’s House of Mirrors, we have cultivated a reputation for having the biggest and best of everything. After all, where else would you turn for a wall-sized mirror, a piece of glass to cover a kitchen table, or even a glass staircase that spans many floors?

As proud as we are to offer these types of things, however, we have also learned over time that the biggest inspirations can sometimes come from small changes in the room, rather than large, dominating pieces. Here are three quick examples of what we mean:

Small mirrors can add a new feeling to any space. Whether it’s creating the sense of more space, giving a focal point to a living room bedroom, or simply adding something that’s visually interesting to a room, mirrors can do a lot. And best of all, you don’t necessarily need a big one to pull off a big design change.

Custom frames can match other elements in a new way. Have you ever noticed how professional interior designers can alter the way you feel in the room simply by adding or taking away that “extra something?” With custom frames, you can use unique colors, styles, and textures to do the same thing – without a big effort or a big budget.

Colored and architectural glass. Like mirrors, pieces of glass with unique colors and shapes can quickly become focal points in a room, even if they aren’t very large. That’s because they’re so unlike what most of us are used to seeing that they naturally draw the eye in.

Interested in seeing how the right item can accent your existing decor or add an entirely new field to your room? Getting a little bit of inspiration – whether you’re looking for something big or small – is as simple as visiting Calgary’s House of Mirrors and having a look around.

Written by Greg Dunn. Visit Greg on Google+