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Add Some Class with Glass Railings

Add Some Class with Glass Railings - House of Mirrors - Mirrors and Glass Calgary

For over 20 years, House of Mirrors has crafted and installed beautiful glass staircase railings and hand railings for Calgary homes. Our professionals use the latest technologies to take precise measurements of your home, then our glass experts carefully create a glass railing custom made for your home to reach the highest standards in safety, durability, and elegance.

Today’s interior design trends have been moving towards intentional minimalism and natural materials. Glass perfectly meets both of these ideals, and is one of the best choices for achieving a clean, contemporary design element that complements all interior styles.

Contemporary Chic.

One of our favourite things about glass railings is the timeless class. Thin, curving handrails can look almost like suspended ice along your stairway. As contemporary design is often geometric or even blocky, choosing a delicate, stunningly sleek shape with an elegant finish is an eye catching alternative that will complement your décor perfectly.

Modern Minimalism.

In some modern designs, the staircase is constructed in identical material as the floor. The walls are painted an unobtrusive colour that matches the floor and staircase, and the stairs seem to simply melt away into the architecture of the house. The perfect complement to this visual minimalism is a glass railing. The railing can be fully clear and delicate to further the illusion of invisibility, or it can be the stand-out element that draws the eye upwards, subtly showing off your home’s high ceilings and open space.

Juxtaposing the Classical with Contemporary One of the most gorgeous trends we are seeing more and more in contemporary design is a combination of numerous natural materials, such as stone, fired ceramic, wood, metal, and glass. The resulting designs have a wonderfully complex juxtaposition of the classic, rustic, and the modern, and this is one style that won’t be falling out of date anytime soon.

At House of Mirrors and Glass, you’ll find Alberta’s largest selection of glass and hardware styles. Our skilled professionals ensure all of our work meets the highest standards of precision. If you’re considering adding glass railings to your home — or a home you’re designing for — visit our showroom today. It would be our pleasure to show you samples and answer your questions.