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Style Tips for a Beautiful Glass-Railing Staircase

Style Tips for a Beautiful Glass-Railing Staircase - House of Mirrors - Home Renovations Calgary

Imagine the possibilities of an indoor or outdoor stairwell that creates the look of walking on air. We have more than 20 years of experience cutting and installing our glass railings for staircases. Follow our style tips to create a beautiful, open environment using a glass-railing staircase in your home.

At work, your reception area is the first impression your clients will have of your business. One of the worst feelings you can illicit for your clients as they wait in an unfamiliar reception area is that of cramped stuffiness. With a glass-railing staircase or reception desk, you’re able to keep your space clean and – even if your square-footage is small – create the feeling of space. Ensure that your customers are getting the best first-impression you can offer. Choose an inviting, open, clean space that makes customers feel welcome.

At home, glass looks good in virtually any environment, but especially around minimalist, chic décor. Greys, blues, and whites compliment the simplicity of glass nicely. For furniture, try pairing these colours with a sand-coloured or dark, chocolatey, brown wood. Whichever you choose, try to maintain consistency in any given room; don’t mix a sandy side-table with a dark brown coffee table. And avoid furniture that is grainy or textured. The trick to this type of design is simplicity. A glass stairwell is the essential accent piece for a modern-design home. Along with your minimalist design, the look of glass offers a simple but striking addition to your entranceway, living room, or back deck. Yes, even your back deck!

Versatility and Beauty:

Glass railings are great for indoor or outdoor environments. If you have an office space with an open entrance way and frequent traffic, it’s likely that your entrance is a bit of both worlds. Our glass railings are easy to maintain with a shammy and glass cleaner, so even if your environment is a shop facing a main road, dirt and dust have no place to settle. Do you have a sky-lighted front room? Or a set of stairs from a balcony to back patio? It can be difficult to find material that will stay beautiful in all types of Calgary weather, but using a squeegee combined with a little stainless-steel cleaner for the edges, your stairwell can stay beautiful in snow or shine.

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