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The Beauty of Antique Mirrors in Interior Décor

Beauty of Antique Mirrors

Looking for a décor item to bring richness and depth to your space? Consider the crystalline appearance, blotchy spots, and frayed borders of an antique mirror. Antique mirrors come in many styles, sizes, and frames. These looking glasses give you the same benefits as regular mirrors but with added finesse and charm. Antique mirrors (even when they’re brand new!) add  character and complexity to any space. The following are some creative ways to enhance your home by decorating with antique mirrors. 

Creative ways to use antique mirrors in interior décor:

  • Animate a boring room: Enliven a boring square or rectangular room with a sophisticated antique mirror with a detailed frame. Add sconce lighting on either side, creating a focal point for the space and boosting interest.
  • Help a small room feel expansive: Place a tall antique mirror in a small space to make the room feel more spacious. Choose a mirror that is ¾ or more the height of the wall. Try placing an interesting piece of furniture and/or art in front of the mirror, letting the reflection boost the room’s style.
  • Add charm to the bathroom: A small antique mirror positioned on a shelf or the bathroom vanity adds a touch of allure. Arrange flowers, a vase, and/or pretty bottles so the mirror catches and reflects the edges of the display. 
  • Spruce up a child’s bedroom: Place an antique mirror on a small table in a child’s room. Drape it with scarves to create a glamorous focal point. 
  • Brighten a dark room: Place an antique mirror across from a window, bringing natural light into a dark space. Offset the mirror slightly so the light doesn’t hit it directly. Try an antique mirror in the corner allowing light to reflect into the room.
  • Enliven up a dark hallway: Hang a set of antique mirrors (matching or a variety of shapes and sizes) in a grouping or line down a dark hallway. They’ll make the hall feel wider and add elegance to this bland space.
  • Accentuate a room’s features: Bring attention to the unique features of a room by hanging an antique mirror over the fireplace, piano, media cabinet, and/or dining room table. 
  • Draw attention to antiques: Place an antique mirror at an angle, reflecting a favourite heirloom or collector’s item and drawing attention to the style of these treasured pieces.
  • Devise a distinct backsplash: Want a different look for your kitchen and/or bathroom? Forget the tiles. Use an antique mirror for a backsplash.
  • Anchor a tableau: Use a sophisticated antique mirror as the centerpiece of an arrangement. Accent it with metal and brass items and use overhead lighting to reflect the warmth. 
  • Treat it as artwork: The unique frames, mottling, and foxing of antique mirrors give a room a focal point with character and act as artwork. Hang them as you would a painting. 

Reasons to choose a reproduction antique mirror for your space: 

There are many arguments for the use of reproduction antique mirrors (as opposed to actual antique mirrors) when decorating your home. Reproduction antique mirrors are:

  • More durable: Actual antique mirrors are fragile and often too warped or damaged for use. Reproduction antique mirrors are sturdy and durable.
  • High quality: Reproduction antique mirrors are created by skilled craftsmen, wrestling in a high-quality piece that’s made with care.
  • Easier to find your style: Locating the perfect antique mirror can take months or years of searching! Reproduction antique mirrors provide more variety, making it easier to find the perfect piece. 
  • More affordable: A large advantage of reproduction antique mirrors is the cost. They’re more affordable than antiques, making them available to more consumers.  
  • One-of-a-kind: Reproduction antique mirrors are crafted by artisans and can be made exclusively to fit your home. 
  • Lighter: Reproduction antique mirrors are produced with aluminum making them lighter than antique mirrors that were commonly made with silver and/or liquid mercury. 

While they may not carry the romanticism of antiques, reproduction antique mirrors offer a number of benefits. They’re durable, affordable, customizable, and high-quality. They can be a beautiful focal point for your room! 

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