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Using Architectural Pattern Glass in Your Home or Office

Architectural glass patterns

Glass is a functional architectural material; beautiful, strong, durable, versatile, sustainable, and easy to keep. The use of architectural pattern glass elevates homes and offices. It’s implemented in cabinet glass inserts, doors, door inserts, shower enclosures, railings, partitions, glass furniture, privacy windows, and accent windows.

What is architectural pattern glass? 

Architectural pattern glass, also known as textured glass, is a decorative glass, which has patterns and/or textures printed on the surface of one or both sides. It’s available in different colours and shading and is used to create privacy, enhance illumination, and/or as a decorative design element. Pattern glass can be insulated, tempered, and laminated and is increasingly popular in the interior of homes and offices.

How is architectural pattern glass made?

To create patterned glass, hot, molten glass is fed between rollers embossed with the desired pattern. The design transfers onto one or both sides of the glass. The glass is then cooled and cut into the desired shapes. 

Facts about architectural pattern glass:

  • A variety of designs/patterns are available
  • It can be combined with frosted glass 
  • It provides privacy while allowing penetration of natural light 
  • By diffusing/spreading light, it makes a small space feel/look expansive
  • Helps create a relaxed environment by diffusing sunlight
  • Works with almost any style of interior design
  • Different patterns provide different levels of transparency 
  • Can be combined with wired glass (fire-rated glass embedded in steel mesh wire) and used where privacy, as well as fire-resistant, is required.
  • Can be laminated or tempered for use as safety glass
  • Can be used in insulated glass units to provide privacy in commercial structures

What are the benefits of architectural pattern glass?

There are many advantages to using architectural pattern glass. 

  • Beauty: Many designs are possible (flowers, swirls, abstract patterns, etc.), allowing you to decorate and beautify your home and/or office to your individual taste. 
  • Privacy: Different levels of privacy, obscurity, and/or light transmission are possible with the use of architectural pattern glass. 
  • Light transmittance: Enjoy privacy without sacrificing light. Architectural pattern glass allows natural light to diffuse into your home and/or office. 
  • Customizable: Available in many patterns, textures, privacy levels, and colours, this glass adds style and personality to your home/office. 
  • Wide range of uses:  Architectural pattern glass lends itself to many uses.

    • Showers: Use pattern glass to enhance the feel of your bathroom by creating a stunning custom shower enclosure. 
    • Kitchen cupboards: Create a light and airy kitchen with sophisticated cupboards made from architectural pattern glass.
    • Backsplashes: Create a spectacular backsplash for your kitchen and/or bathroom. It’s easy to clean and will look great for years. 
    • Staircases: Make your home and/or office unique, modern, and dramatic by creating a staircase and banister made of architectural pattern glass. 
    • Room dividers: Architectural pattern glass is a unique option for an office room divider. Make partitions while allowing light to pass through, creating a light and airy office atmosphere.
    • Entrance doors come alive with the textures and colours of architectural pattern glass.
    • Table tops: Try a unique glass table top in your dining room or the conference room of your office. 
    • Accent Windows: Add an elegant design element to any room in your home and/or office with an accent window made of architectural pattern glass.

Architectural pattern glass offers beauty, functionality, and a range of uses. If you’re considering incorporating this versatile design element in your home and/or office, contact a glass expert. They have the knowledge, experience, and products to help make your home and office shine. 

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