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Bathroom Design: Custom Vanity and Mirror Wall

Mirror wall

Renovating your bathroom is exciting! It’s fun to renew your space, bringing life and light to what is often simply a functional room. You get to establish the ambiance you desire, and add a bit of comfort and flair. However, the renovation process is also complicated and involved. You’ll need to decide on the best layout and choose a mirror, countertops, sink, tile, and a shower enclosure and/or bathtub. Have you ever considered a custom vanity? Have you thought about a mirror wall? Following are some suggestions that may help make your renovation a resounding success. 

Custom Vanity

Though the vanity may seem like a small part of your bathroom renovation, it actually has a large role in the use of the room. It provides counter space and storage and, as a large element, plays a part in creating atmosphere. When designing this feature, you’ll need to decide upon the size number, and style of sinks. You’ll choose the amount and type of storage, the hardware (hinges, handles), and the countertop.

You can choose from a number of prefabricated/stock vanities found in the local hardware. Or, you can create an exceptional design by choosing a custom glass countertop for your vanity. Glass countertops are chic and beautiful, combining function and form. They’re versatile, attractive, customizable, tough, low maintenance, hygienic, and environmentally friendly. With many colours and textures to choose from, glass countertops can be designed and cut to match any decor. They can take your vanity from hum-drum to sensational! 

Mirror Wall

Mirrors are a great source of design, adding charm and appeal to any room. They’re a quick and affordable means of livening up a space and can make a big difference in your bathroom. Most families simply hang a mirror over the vanity. Instead, consider a mirror wall. It reflects the features of your bathroom, elevates the design, and amplifies the light. It can make a small bathroom feel larger.

Use a mirrored wall, warm colours, and organic elements (thick colourful towels, scented candles, plants, textured mats, etc.) to create a comfortable bathing experience. Let the mirror wall generate a romantic ambiance and add splendour to your bathroom. Make a statement! Go big and bold! Make an entire wall of your bathroom into a mirror. 

When renovating your bathroom, maximize function and beauty with a custom glass countertop and mirror wall. You’ll not only make your space beautiful, enjoyable, and serviceable you’ll also add value to your home. To create a  unique bathroom suited to your needs, style, and taste, contact a mirror and glass specialist. They can design a stunning glass countertop and install a custom mirror wall. They have the knowledge, experience, and creativity to make your bathroom shine!

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