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Benefits of Frosted Glass in the Office

Frosted Glass in your office

Glass brings elegance, beauty and style to a commercial space. Frosted glass has benefits over a clear glass that makes it the smart choice for a variety of office applications. 

What is frosted glass?

Frosted glass is produced by sandblasting or acid etching clear sheet glass creating a pitted surface on the pane. This procedure renders the glass translucent, blurring images while still transmitting light. Sometimes, frosted glass is created with frosting spray that adheres to the glass and obscures its clarity. Pattens may be incorporated in frosted glass; minimal or elaborate, geometric and/or floral. 

Types of frosted glass:

Frosted glass is made through two types of manufacturing processes and is also available as a spray.

    • Sandblasted frosted glass is created by a process of high-pressure blasting of a flat glass pane with sand or other abrasive materials. This procedure creates a resilient product that does not peel or chip and integrates easily with surrounding objects. You can choose a partially or fully etched glass surface providing a variety of degrees of clarity. Sandblasted glass is easily customizable and available in a variety of patterns and designs. 
    • Acid-etched frosted glass is made using a glass technique that’s been around for approximately a thousand years. Hydrofluoric acid is applied to both sides of a clear or coloured glass pane, melting or corroding the surface. This process creates a smooth, satiny texture with the possibility of many gradients of opacity. Through the use of stencils, the glass can be etched into intricate patterns. Colours can be used and the glass may be painted for further customization.
    • Frosted glass spray: Designed for direct application to glass and mirrors, frosted glass spray creates a translucent, matt, frosted effect for decoration and privacy. Apply it to personalize windows, doors and/or skylights by using stencils to create a custom frosted glass look.

What are the benefits of frosted glass in the office?

There are many advantages to incorporating frosted glass in your workplace. 

  • Lets in the natural light:  Frosted glass allows sunlight to penetrate deep into the office space. An abundance of natural light will save on utility costs and help employees feel awake and refreshed. 
  • Open and private: Clear glass is transparent, allowing everyone a view of your office/cubicle. This makes it difficult to focus and is inconvenient during private meetings. Frosted glass provides privacy and reduces distractions while maintaining an open feel. Depending upon the style you choose, you can have only a slight blur or render the object/person unrecognizable. 
  • Low maintenance: Frosted glass is easy to clean. Simply wipe with a cloth. The textured service does not streak easily and never rusts or corrodes. 
  • Protection and security: Frosted glass blocks UV rays that fade furniture, rugs, wood floors and art. It prevents outsiders from seeing into your office, reducing the risk of trespass and theft. Frosted glass is made from a durable material that is harder to break than standard glass and resistant to harsh weather.
  • Durability: Frosted glass is made of sturdy tempered glass that is both safe and durable. It doesn’t bubble, curl, or shrink even under cold or hot temperatures and handles the office environment with ease. In the unlikely situation in which it breaks, frosted glass holds broken glass pieces in place making it safer while waiting for repair or replacement.
  • Versatility: The natural, sleek, modern appearance of frosted glass complements all colour palettes and design schemes. Choose from an array of designs, colours and patterns and have your glass easily customized to the required dimensions. Add your logo or other personal touches. 
  • Beauty and style: With frosted glass, staff enjoy an attractive and dignified workplace and visitors are impressed. Cluttered workspaces are hidden while the glass livens up the space and creates a modern, sophisticated look.
  • Productivity and creativity: The open nature of frosted glass encourages collaboration while providing a clean, airy divider between workspaces. It provides an ideal environment for focus, productivity and creativity.
  • Cost-Effective: Helping to keep out heat/cold and allowing natural light in reduces energy costs.

Frosted glass partitions, doors and walls create a private, yet open design. They’re affordable, customizable and promote a positive, productive workplace. Whether your company is large or small, frosted glass will enhance the look of your space, boost your image and add style to your office while saving on utility costs. Consider frosted glass for your commercial building. 

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