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Use Lighting to Enhance Your Glass Features!

Lighting Your Glass Features

Does your home have beautiful glass features? Do you have spectacular glass shelving, stylish glass railings, fashionable glass kitchen cabinet doors, an elegant glass staircase, a sophisticated glass backsplash and/or a chic glass shower? If you answered yes to any of these, read on to discover how to use lighting to enhance these beautiful glass features.

Glass Kitchen Cabinets:

Add beauty to glass cabinets with cabinet display lights. This subtle lighting brightens the interior to highlight creative, sentimental and/or ornamental objects. Tape, strip and puck lighting all work well. The easiest way to install glass cabinet lighting is in an upside-down “U” position along the front of the cabinet, ensuring an even distribution of light throughout while hiding the lighting.

Glass Display Shelves:

Glass shelving is spectacular! Front light your shelves with a contour LED strip, providing an even light suitable for most objects you wish to display. Mounted floodlights and spotlights are also effective solutions for front lighting glass shelves. They allow lighting to be tailored according to the display. Miniature spotlights can be used to create focused pools of light on specific objects as part of your shelf lighting scheme. Or, backlight the shelf by using an LED strip, adding depth and drama. Use discreet downlighting within shelving for recessed tasks and display purposes.

Glass Showers:

Aesthetically appealing and functional, glass shower doors offer an unimpeded view of your bathroom tile, eliminate dark nooks and crannies and provide an open, airy ambiance. Try a large round light on the ceiling of the shower for a boost in illumination and to make those glass doors shine. Consider a simple pot light in the center of a square shower. A wall sconce may be all you need to make the space bright and cheerful. Try placing an end table near the shower for toiletries, towels, and other items. Position a table lamp on it to give extra lighting through the shower doors. Or, install lighting down the sides of the shower all the way to the floor to light up the whole space.

Glass Stairs:

A glass staircase creates a fresh and airy effect by allowing light to pass through unobstructed. It opens up your space and makes it more inviting. Linear step lights, a thin strip of LEDs recessed into the wall or concealed in an architectural reveal, make glass stairs shine, providing soft, glare-free illumination on stair treads. Treadlights, concealed in each individual tread, are a beautiful and functional way to light your elegant glass stairs. Consider concealing lights in the nosing of each stair, enhancing the focus on your glass feature. Try placing up-down cylindrical wall sconces above a floating glass staircase. Light placed on the side of the stairs facing the wall shines from behind to call attention to the floating detail. 

Glass Hand Railings:

Architectural glass provides an unobstructed line of sight from a balcony or deck, allowing you to enjoy the view! Consider low-voltage LED light strips to enhance your glass hand railing. They’re beautiful and functional, improving aesthetics and visibility. Available in long strips that resemble narrow tape, LED strip lighting is installed along the underside of the railing. Consider Individual under-rail lights to highlight architectural details like posts and balusters and create a soft, glowing ambiance. Energy-friendly LEDs make it easy and affordable to include beautiful lighting on your glass deck railing. Post-side lights are affordable and great for glass railings on walkways. Post-cap light fixtures add ambient lighting to a glass deck railing. 

Glass Backsplash:

Beautiful glass tiles make an elegant backsplash. Take it to the next level with LED lighting. Consider bright blue bulbs that transform your backsplash when lit or try white LEDs against coloured glass. 


They brighten any space! Place mirrors directly opposite a window to reflect natural light, enhancing the mirror’s beauty and brightening the room. Place a mirror between two windows to trick the eye into thinking there is another window, maximizing natural light and showcasing your mirror. Place stylish mirrors behind bedside lamps to ramp up the glow in the space. Make a statement by lining two adjacent walls with elegant mirrors, bouncing light around the room.


Whatever glass features your home boasts, consider using lighting to enhance them. Well placed lighting makes glass features shine! 

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