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Calgary’s House of Mirrors is Turning 25!

Although we don’t really like to make a big deal out of ourselves – after all, it’s you, the homeowners, designers, architects, builders, and other professionals who make our business so great – we are proud to remind everyone that Calgary’s House of Mirrors will be turning 25 this year!

Obviously, it’s been a long road for us to get to this point, but there are a couple of interesting things we’ve noticed along the way:

It’s good to find your place in the market. Calgary’s House of Mirrors started out as a small custom shop doing specialty glass, frames, and mirror work. Of course, over the years, we decided to try different things out. One of those was producing larger numbers of products and trying to go more “mainstream” by being more of a warehouse retailer.

That didn’t work out very well, but it was a happy accident, since the experience taught us how much the quality builders, artistic decorators, sharp-eyed interior designers, and discriminating homeowners we have here in Calgary appreciate unique, custom pieces.

Quality and service are everything. We know that there are lots of places people can shop to find things like specialty glass, mirrors, and even custom frames for their homes. And yet, even though there are a number of different retailers and home improvement stores out there, our business just keeps growing.

Certainly, it doesn’t hurt that we have one of largest selections of glass, mirrors, and frames in Alberta. But we tend to think there is more to our success and longevity than that. Namely, that our customers seem to like having a trained staff who knows all about glass in Calgary and is willing to go the extra mile to make sure they’re happy with their purchase. It turns out that quality and service really are important, in our business and probably all others.

Thanks again to all of you who have helped to make this year, and the 24 before it, such a big success for the House of Mirrors. We look forward to serving Calgary for a long time to come!

Written by Greg Dunn. Visit Greg on Google+