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Why Has the House of Mirrors Become so Popular in Calgary?

Although we have asked ourselves this question and written about it in the past – most recently in our post about our upcoming 25th anniversary – it’s natural for us to start a new year by trying to figure out why we have become so popular with Calgary homeowners, decorators, designers, and builders.

Could it be that we simply have more and better glass than anyone else? It’s possible. Although there are lots of places to get glass for the interior of your home, there isn’t anywhere else for you to find the kind of collection of glass stairway railings, tabletop safety glass, shower glass, and other unique selections that we have.

And that’s to say nothing of one of our newest and most exciting lines, architectural glass and kitchen backsplashes. There aren’t many places in Alberta to even see these works of art, and we are fortunate enough to have many on display.

Supposing that it isn’t our selection, however, maybe it’s that we do more custom work than anyone else. That is, no matter what kind of glass or mirrors you’re looking for – something you can hold in your hand to a piece of glass or a mirror that’s wall-length, we should be your first stop for high-quality custom work. No matter what shape, size, or tint you need, you can bet you’ll find it at House of Mirrors.

We don’t think it’s either of those things, however. We truly believe that what sets House of Mirrors apart from our competitors is the fact that we are so committed to customer satisfaction… and have been for nearly 25 years.

When you shop with us, you don’t just get more products to choose from, but the expert advice you need to find the right glass, mirror, or frame for your house. What’s more, we stand behind everything we sell 100%, so you know you’re safe buying from us.

The only way to truly appreciate what we do at House of Mirrors is to stop in and see our showroom for yourself. Why not take a few moments and come visit us in Calgary today?

Written by Greg Dunn. Visit Greg on Google+