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Cleaning Your Custom Glass Shower Door

Cleaning Your Custom Glass Shower Door

Perhaps one of the most accurate definitions of adulthood is: doing more chores than you’d ideally prefer. Maybe that’s why minimalism is such a strong design factor in today’s world. In a world where most Canadians have more stuff than we could possibly need, we’re also spending more time cleaning up all that stuff than we would prefer. Minimalism offers an easy answer: have less stuff and there’s less stuff to clean. That’s the idea behind custom glass showers.


In a traditional shower, there’s a porcelain or plastic basin (or tub) which you stand in, the faucets (metal), the walls (usually tile or plastic), and the door (usually some combination of plastic and metal). Alternatively, there may be no door but a shower curtain instead. Regardless, water (and thus soap scum, mineral buildup, and moulds) can get into each and every crack and seam. This means a traditional shower set up has a lot of potential for germs, stink, and grimey grossness.


Custom glass shower doors combined with other minimalist details will work to eliminate these problems. Ideally the inside of the shower will be sleek, seamless porcelain, stone, or glass. While a conventional tile with grout will work, a more contemporary option, like architectural glass, is more simple, elegant, and easier to clean. 


As for the door, it will ideally be a beautiful, single sheet of glass with minimal metal hardware, eliminating hard to reach places where mildew can build up.


To clean your glass shower door, you can use your favourite glass cleaner to fully eliminate any build up. Or you can make your own eco-friendly, soap-scum fighting cleaner by thoroughly spraying the glass with vinegar (CAUTION! Do not inhale vinegar spray). Let the vinegar sit for several minutes, and then wipe the door using a rag and a paste made from baking soda and a little water. Together, vinegar and baking soda should easily eliminate any build up.


Canadians are spending more time than ever at work. Whether that’s at the office or doing unpaid labour around the house, we’re sure everyone agrees that doing fewer chores — and spending less time on the chores that really must get done — sounds great. Come into House of Mirrors today to learn more about chiq, contemporary design can help simplify your life.