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Seamless Glass Backsplashes

Glass & ceramic are very popular materials for kitchen and bathroom backsplashes. Attractive, environmentally friendly, and super easy to clean, it’s no surprise that these glass backsplashes are simply considered the best. But when it comes to aesthetics, the typical subway tile look with traditional, exposed grout lines often looks out of place in a sleek, luxury kitchen. The solution? A seamless, backpainted glass backsplash


What is Back Painted Glass?

Custom-made to the exact measurements of your kitchen, back-painted glass is made from a single, seamless pane of glass. The surface of the glass that will be secured to the wall is first painted, so that the colour is completely protected and scratch proof once installed. Back painted backsplashes offer virtually unlimited colour options that are able to seamlessly blend into any aesthetic. 


Because the glass is a large, single pane, there are no exposed grout lines. Grout, in traditional tile, slowly erodes away and requires maintenance and replacement. This is not the case with our back painted backsplash. Cleaning and maintaining back painted glass is extremely easy. Simply wipe the surface with your favourite glass cleaner to remove any grease spots, toothpaste splatter, or food residue.


Seamless Beauty.

We’ve met so many Calgary homeowners, business owners, and designers who would love the convenience and class of coloured glass tiles for their home or office kitchen, but they feel a seamless, contemporary look would better fit their overall design aesthetic. By choosing a minimalist glass backsplash from House of Mirrors you can have both. 


Seamless glass backsplashes are the perfect complement to chiq, minimalist design. As a single pane that is uninterrupted by grout lines, this backsplash is a logical extension to sleek, seamless glass showers. In the kitchen, this clean look is most at home with high gloss, contemporary cabinetry and solid, stone countertops. 


Want to learn more about seamless back painted glass? From blended colours to back lighting, the design options are virtually unlimited. Speak with our experts today to learn why back painted glass makes the best, most gorgeous, easy to clean backsplash available on the market today.