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Conceal Your Television with Mirror View

Conceal Your Television with Mirror View - House of Mirrors - Mirrors and Glass Calgary - Featured Image

We enjoy watching television as much as the next person, but what we don’t enjoy is having a clunky black eye sore in an otherwise exquisite living room or boardroom. That’s why our team at House of Mirrors is excited to offer Calgarians luxury, digital display mirrors which tastefully conceal televisions within a beautiful custom framed mirror. It just may be the best TV you’ve never seen.


What is a Mirror View Television?

Featuring the latest in mirror televisual technology from the UK, Mirror View products are custom wall mounted TV mirrors. These luxury televisions offer a high performance viewing experience while the TV is turned on, but the screen is completely concealed behind an elegant framed mirror when the TV is off. Perfect for boardrooms and living rooms alike, TV mirrors allow for a unique configuration of numerous design options. You are able to select the television’s display size, the mirror size, choose from a variety of beautiful framing options, and more.


A Tasteful Television

Televisions revolutionized home entertainment during the 20th century. Today, screen technology has evolved to become a large part of everyday life. From office presentations to a calm after-dinner activity, televisions are everywhere — and they’re ugly. It’s House of Mirrors and Mirror View’s goal to create televisions that are truly invisible within a beautiful framed mirror.


House of Mirrors offers Calgarians Alberta’s largest glass and mirror showroom. We are certain that within our collection of designer frames, you will find the perfect complement for any space and aesthetic. From classic to contemporary, Mirror View televisions flawlessly match any room’s styling and design. Replace your clunky old tv with instant elegance.

At House of Mirrors, we strive to make Calgarians’ homes and businesses better one mirror at a time. We know that people feel happier when the spaces they occupy are beautiful. That’s why we believe in constantly improving the look and feel of the technologies and other objects we see and use every day. To learn more about Mirror View and why you may want to replace your traditional television with a chic mirror televisual solution, contact our experts today!