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Using Architectural Back Painted Glass

Using Architectural Back Painted Glass - House of Mirrors - Mirrors and Glass Calgary - Featured Image

As minimalist, high-utility design has become more and more popular both for enterprises and in the home, we’ve watched the popularity of back-painted glass begin to rise. We can’t say we’re surprised—back-painted glass offers nearly limitless possibilities for trendsetting. Available in unique textures and both glossy and satin-finish colours, back-painted glass products are an easy way to bring a contemporary look to any home or office.


Where to Use Architectural Glass? 

Back-painted glass surfaces present a durable, hard-working solution that brings a lavish design vision to any building element. Back-painted architectural glass is ideal for room partitions, standard and sliding glass doors, and floor-to-ceiling internal walls, especially in lobbies and other high-traffic spaces. 


Dry erase markers wipe easily off of back-painted glass, allowing it to also serve as a highly functional, non-ghosting writable surface. Back-painted glass white boards are perfect for boardroom walls and office table tops. Utilize the unique texture and colour options, so your back-painted glass writing surface serves as the focal point of your meeting room. Let it capture and hold the attention of your employees and clients before you even begin to write.


Architectural glass can also bring a chiq, contemporary look to your home or to commercial kitchens and washrooms as a unique, highly durable, and easy to clean back-splash or countertop.


Why Choose Back-Painted Glass?

At House of Mirrors, we adore the look and feel of back-painted glass. But we recommend architectural glass for commercial and private spaces for many reasons beyond the elegant aesthetic. As a feature wall, table surface, room partition, door, and more, back-painted glass is a hard working, hypoallergenic material that offers excellent sound proofing, optional privacy, and a creative work surface.


Architectural glass is naturally hygienic and VOC-free. It comes in large pieces that do not require grout. Back-painted glass is inert and non-porous. It is highly stain resistant and easy to sanitize with rubbing alcohol or vinegar. Choosing VOC-free, easy to clean, non porous materials, like architectural glass, helps to reduce the spread of illness and allergens within your home or business. 


We cannot overstate the nearly limitless versatility of back-painted glass. If you’re working with a designer to reimagine your commercial or home space, we welcome you to contact our experts to learn how architectural back-painted glass can benefit and complete your newly designed space.