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Could You Use Glass to Change Your Home’s Summer Style?

As warmer summer weather rolls around, homeowners and designers alike will make their way into Calgary’s House of Mirrors, looking for that perfect piece or addition to accent what they already have, or to give their home a new look.

Often, the challenge for them isn’t to find what they want, but to make a hard decision on what they don’t want. That’s because, with thousands of distinctive items throughout the store, you might just fall in love with something that you didn’t even know existed.

Here are three ways you can change the look and feel of your home by adding an element of glass:

Add mirrors. If you’ve never tried adding a large wall mirror to one of the rooms in your home, then you might be very surprised at the effect it can have on the overall look and feel. That’s because mirrors don’t just create a sense of open space, but also give the eye a focal point which can really tie a lot of different design elements together at once.

Try custom frames. For a more subtle shift, try encasing your mirror, a favorite picture, or even a poster print in a custom frame that accents your existing style. Often, what seems like a subtle addition to the space can enhance the decor and color combinations that have already been chosen, especially in the living room or bedroom.

Give your home a distinctive look. At Calgary’s House of Mirrors, we have a number of distinctive, visually-striking items that people don’t expect to see when they walk into our showroom. These include architectural glass, as well as a number of other distinctive, decorative pieces. These give you the option to make bold design choices that truly set your home apart as one-of-a-kind with colors and textures.

The best part about using mirrors and glass to change your home’s style for the summer? You just might love it so much that you decide to display them year-round! Why not come and check out our showroom today?

Written by Greg Dunn. Visit Greg on Google+