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3 Myths About Using Glass in Your Home

At Calgary’s House of Mirrors, we often find that homeowners who come to see us and look around our showroom love the items that are on display, but have lots of questions about adding glass and mirrors to their homes. In fact, more than a few come in with a handful of misconceptions.

Here are three myths about using glass in your home, and the realities you need to know:

1. That glass is just for bathrooms and windows. As professional interior designers know, glass can make virtually any space seem more open, modern, and distinctive. From shower doors to tabletops, glass railings, and so much more, there is virtually no end to the different ways you could use glass fixtures and items in your home.

2. That glass in your home will be hard to clean. Certainly, having clear pieces of glass in some of the high-traffic areas of your home is likely to call for a little bit of regular cleaning. However, this is true of almost any type of furniture fixture, and glass has the added benefit of being easy to return to sparkling condition. In addition, there are a number of coatings, sealants, and glass types that are making it more durable and easy to keep spotless. So, don’t let a fear of fingerprints keep you from adding beautiful glass to your home.

3. That it’s unsafe to have glass in your home. Although there are definitely certain types of glass you wouldn’t want in places where it might break and injure someone, at the House of Mirrors we have hundreds of safety glass items that aren’t just difficult to break, but don’t snap into sharp pieces.

To find out more about any of these, or to see how beautiful glass can be in your home, simply visit our showroom for award-winning service today.

Written by Greg Dunn. Visit Greg on Google+