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The first mirrors, found in the area of modern-day Turkey, were made from polished obsidian — a dark black, volcanic rock — over 8000 years ago. Copper mirrors, first dated to about 6000 years ago, have been found from both ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt. By 2000 BCE, the ancient Chinese had mirrors made of metal alloys, like bronze, and the Greek philosopher Socrates was encouraging his students 1500 years after that to look at themselves in the mirror in order to reflect and “know thyself.”

Perhaps because mirrors are such ancient tools that have been crafted by humans for seemingly forever, it’s hard to imagine them as sleek, modern devices for your home. But mirrors have changed a lot since they were first made of polished, black volcanic rocks. Some of the newest, technologically advanced mirrors available are digital display mirrors.

Digital display mirrors are half high-definition television screen and half elegant decor. When the TV is turned on, you are able to see straight through the mirror and enjoy your programme on a sleek screen. When the TV is off, the screen is invisible. The Digital Display Mirror looks like an ordinary, fashionable mirror instead of an technological-eyesore.

Digital display mirrors are ideal in high end lobbies, waiting rooms, and offices where televisions or monitors will not constantly be on. While it’s necessary to have the screen available, investing in digital display mirrors ensures your commercial space’s design is not disrupted by clunky televisions. Our mirrors can be crafted and framed to seamlessly integrate into any aesthetic.  

Of course, the office isn’t the only place that these luxurious, smart mirrors shine. They make a chic addition to any dignified living spaces which prioritizes maintaining a refined aesthetic. You’ve put hours of thought into your interior design, and digital display mirrors offer the same utility of a conventional television, but tastefully. Upscale bathrooms can also benefit from these modern mirrors. The digital display is hidden during daily bathroom use, but the screen provides a high-quality viewing experience while, for example, bathing.

Can’t wait to see how digital display mirrors fit into your life? Visit our showroom today! Our courteous professionals will be happy to answer your questions and help you choose the perfect mirror for your space.