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Architectural Glass for Borrowed Light

Architectural Glass for Borrowed Light - House of Mirrors and Glass - Mirrors and Glass Calgary

Much of the commercial space in Calgary leaves something to be desired. Perhaps that’s why so many Calgary businesses choose to work with interior designers who can help make their office beautiful, bright, and welcoming for both clients and team members. If natural light is limited in your commercial space, here are just a couple ways you can use architectural glass to bring light from one room to another.


Interior Windows.

It has long been proven that working in a clean, well lit space with abundant natural light boosts morale and greatly increases productivity. Of course, not every employee can have a corner office with a window. So how can you effectively transport the benefits of natural light to your team at large? With high-quality, chique interior windows.


In fact, the business owners we’ve worked with love interior windows for their employees’ offices for more than just the effortless movement of light. Interior windows also ensure that employees always feel a little on display, motivating them to remain professional and on task at all times. Finally, interior windows can act as an insurance for employers. Because everyone can see into the office, a team member cannot later claim that a person acted inappropriately behind closed doors.


Transom Windows.

Speaking of doors, transom windows are an elegant addition above passage doors. These windows maintain complete privacy, as they are too high for people to look through, while still allowing a valuable transfer of light. Originating in ecclesiastical work during the gothic period, transom windows lend beauty and prestige to your commercial space.


Patterned, Frosted, or Plain Glass?

As you work through the design of your office, you’ll have to decide which glass elements you want fully transparent (often ideal for employee offices), and where you’d prefer to have frosted or patterned glass. These latter elements will still allow for the fluid movement of light, but can offer some necessary privacy to where you meet with clients, your own office, etc.


Whether you choose to work with a interior designer or you take responsibility for creating a functional, professional commercial space yourself, the movement of natural light needs to be an important consideration. Interior windows and transom windows can help move light into interior spaces, and the expert glass artists at House of Mirrors and Glass can create the custom windows your business needs. Talk to us today about your unique project.