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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Framed Mirror

Framed mirror

A mirror complements any decorating style. It’s a creative, versatile, elegant design solution and comes in many shapes, sizes, and frames. Finding the perfect mirror for your space can be fun and challenging. Will a round, rectangular, or oval shape best suit your room? How large should the mirror be? Metal or wood frame? The following are tips for choosing the perfect framed mirror.  

What is a framed mirror?

Framed mirrors are a classic decor item and come in all shapes and sizes, from round elaborately carved designs to simple rectangular versions, to angular shapes with painted accents. Framed mirrors add detail, interest, and a polished traditional look. Made of plastic, metal (brushed nickel, brass, brushed chrome, silver, gold), or wood (basswood, obeche, mahogany, Ramin, oak, ash, walnut, cherry), a framed mirror helps coordinate stone, woodwork, glass, and ceramic, bringing together diverse materials and elements. These framed reflective surfaces create drama and personality in any room. Framed mirrors are a work of art!

Tips for choosing the perfect framed mirror

Unsure what framed mirror is right for your space? The following tips may act as a guide. 

Determine your needs

Does your mirror need to be functional or is it strictly a decorative piece? Are you using it to add visual interest or to make a space feel brighter and bigger? Knowing your purpose helps to narrow down the options. 

Decide on size

A mirror must fit the proportions of the room. A large blank wall can accommodate a statement mirror or a group of smaller mirrors arranged for display. A mirror should be ⅔ to ¾ of the size of the furniture near its hanging place (couch, dining table, console table, bench, credenza, etc.). Consider the size of nearby pictures and/or art pieces. A mirror that is larger than these items will take focus. If it is similar in size, the mirror will become part of the grouping. 

Consider shape

Framed mirrors come in many shapes (modern circles, classic rectangles, abstract shapes, squares, teardrops, sunbursts, etc.). Square mirrors have an understated, timeless look. Round mirrors soften sharp lines. Oval mirrors add curves to a square room. A teardrop shape creates a dramatic focal point and works well in small, cramped rooms or spaces with a slanted roof. Sunburst mirrors take focus and work well on a gallery wall. Different shapes lend themselves to different rooms.

  • Bathroom: Oval, Rectangular, Square
  • Living Room: Rectangular, Geometric 
  • Bedroom/Office: Rectangular, Geometric
  • Dining Room: Round, Geometric, Rectangular, Square
  • Hallway/Foyer: Rectangular

Ponder style

Choose a mirror that complements the style of your space. Metal framed mirrors have a sleek, modern look giving a space an industrial edge. Wooden frames add warmth. Distressed wood gives a rustic farmhouse or cottage feel. A gilded frame suits a glamorous ambiance. A black/silver frame creates a strong contrast with white walls. Consider choosing a frame that matches the accent colour of your room or go with a bold colour to draw attention. Choose an oversized frame to balance heavy furniture. A textured frame will draw the eye. A metal frame should be cohesive with other metal objects in the space. Minimalist frames work best in an art installation or gallery wall. 

Check the reflection

The reflection of your framed mirror should be clear/distortion-free. Check the reflection from many angles. 

Consider lighting

A mirror should reflect light (natural and/or artificial) to brighten the space. Place your framed mirror to make the most of the illumination of your windows and lighting fixtures. 

Framed mirrors are a natural home decor accessory. They add interest, increase light, and create a sense of space. A mirror adds depth and layers to your home. There is an appropriate size, shape, and style of mirror for every room so try mirrors in multiple locations in your house. Have fun choosing the framed mirror that is just right for you!

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