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Full-Size Mirror Decor Tips & Tricks

Full-Size Mirror Decor Tips & Tricks - House of Mirrors - Mirrors and Glass Calgary

It’s not secret that we love mirrors. These lustrous beauties bring light, depth, and splendor to all homes and businesses. While we firmly believe that a mirror can brighten and improve any room, here are a few tips and tricks for optimizing how you use full-size mirrors around your home.


Practical Aesthetics

Entryways and mudrooms are often small and may lack natural light. So both of these rooms are great places to use mirrors to full effect. An oversized mirror can help give these rooms depth and reflect lighting, doubling the brightness. Place a tall, framed mirror on the floor leaning against wall, and you’ll also have the ideal tool for giving your appearance a once over before you leave the house.


Visually Expand

Dining nooks and washrooms have a tendency to feel a bit gloomy and small. In these sorts of spaces, mirrors have a larger impact and become indispensable tools for creating additional luminosity and adding dimensions. Try hanging an extra long mirror on the wall level with your dining room table. When you light candles, you’ll have a lovely reflected glow that warms the whole room. We’re certain you’ll love the soft, romantic brightness that a mirror brings to these spaces.


Dramatic Effect

From bedrooms to hallways, full-size floor mirrors create a dramatic statement in any small space. At House of Mirrors and Glass, we like to think of mirrors as pieces of art. The frame of a mirror brings a tasteful touch of style to your space, so that whether your room reflects cozy modernity, contemporary minimalism, rustic farmhouse, or anything in between, your mirror aesthetically enhances your other design elements and pieces.


Mirrors make wonderful accent pieces that support and brighten a space. They can also serve admirably as an elegant focal point in a room that lacks direction. Where ever your home can use a little extra something, our framed full-size mirrors are here to be the final touch. Join our design and mirror experts at our showroom, and find the perfect piece(s) for your home today.