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Custom Glass

Custom Glass - House of Mirrors - Mirrors and Glass Calgary

Sometimes, it’s impossible to find just the right piece of glass already available on the market. Maybe you have a non-standard window, an atypical DIY project that you’re tackling, or just need something extra special. Regardless of the why, our glass experts can craft you the perfect piece for your project. Made to your exact specifications, your custom glass can be whatever colour, transparency, size, and thickness you desire. If it can be made out of glass, we can make it.


Keep Your Bathroom Dry.

A problem many Calgarians experience is water on the floor after a shower. Maybe your tub is just a little too long for a standard shower curtain, or perhaps the water just manages to ricochet in all the wrong ways. Regardless, whenever someone showers, part of the wall and floor nearest the shower head always seem to get wet. This is an easy fix with custom glass. You give us the dimensions, and we’ll cut a piece of glass that fits perfectly against your tub and wall. Use a waterproof glue or cement to attach the glass, seal the seams where the glass meets your tub and wall, and finished.


Quaint Projects.

Some of the most fun our skilled glass workers have is collaborating on a niche project. Retro Coca Cola machines in need of some TLC and just the right piece glass, an old school pinball game that needs a new face, anything! Calgarians are some of the most creative people in the world, and it’s our pleasure to cut the perfect piece of glass to help you complete your project.


Protect Furniture.

They just don’t make furniture like they used to. If you’re a connoisseur of antiques, you won’t want your beautifully finished surfaces to get their first scratch or bubble of water damage now. We can create a sheet of glass to fit your non-standard sized furniture to protect them from spilled drinks and sharpie markers.


And classic, hundred year old furniture pieces aren’t the only ones worth protecting. Living edge tables or something uniquely yours can both benefit from a glass cover that keeps them safe.


Replacement Glass for Accidents.

Even if your family doesn’t include small children or pets, accidents are bound to happen eventually. Maybe one of the glass panels in your office’s french doors has shattered. Perhaps the glass in a cabinet door cracked. When accidents happen to the glass in your life, House of Mirrors is here to get everything back to its previous splendour.


Some of the most rewarding projects our glass workers enjoy working on are custom projects. From unique objects to architectural glass, we’re always up for any challenge. Let’s get started; tell us about your project today.