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Getting New Glass and Mirror Pieces to Fit an Older Home or Decor

Although Calgary’s House of Mirrors is a popular destination for homeowners, designers, and builders who are renovating or beginning from scratch, we also work with lots of customers who are simply looking for the right piece to accent an existing style or decor. That can seem like a challenge when what they are looking to blend with is a classic or antique look that doesn’t mesh well with contemporary pieces.

The answer? More often than not, we’ll have them bring in a photo or sample (or possibly a description of what they’re looking for) so that we can build a custom piece to match what they already have. That’s because we have a production center in the back of our facility, meaning that we can make something new and specific quickly and inexpensively.

What kinds of glass and mirror pieces can we create for you? The possibilities are almost endless, but we have become particularly known for:

Frames for pictures and mirrors. As a professional interior designer can tell you, the right frame can make any picture or object look that much better. From shapes, styles, sizes, and even stains and colors, we can give you the perfect frame for your needs.

Mirrors cut into distinctive shapes and sizes. Who says a mirror has to be square? We have made lots of different sizes and styles from our customers, from full-wall mirrors to those cut into fun patterns for kids.

All kinds of functional and decorative glass. Tabletops, glass stair railings, and shower doors are just the beginning of what we can do in our custom glass shop. To see what’s possible, just visit our showroom and have a look around, or ask some questions of our knowledgeable sales team.

Looking for the perfect thing to finish off your home’s style? Come visit us today at Calgary’s House of Mirrors and see how we can create custom items that perfectly accent your existing look.

Written by Greg Dunn. Visit Greg on Google+