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Three Misconceptions About Glass Products

Three Misconceptions About Glass Products

Sometimes at Calgary’s House of Mirrors, we hear people say that you “either love glass or you don’t.” We actually prefer to think about things just a little differently: that you either love glass or haven’t given it a try yet.

Is that a little bit presumptuous? Maybe, but it’s also a view that has been formed through experience. That’s because many of the people who claim not to want glass products in their home usually haven’t had them the past, and might be holding on to a handful of misconceptions.

Here are three of the biggest ones out there:

1. That it’s dangerous. Many people have the mistaken impression that certain glass surfaces – like the ones used on shower doors or tabletops – can easily shatter and cut. The reality is that we carry many types of glass that are extremely hard to break, and don’t separate into sharp pieces anyway. Like a windshield, they simply break into pebbles that don’t cut or scratch.

2. That it can be hard to clean. Having glass in your home doesn’t mean you have to constantly wipe down surfaces, deal with smudges, or worry about film building up. That’s because glass isn’t just easy to maintain, but can also be treated with newly-developed coatings which resist dirt and grime.

3. That it always looks the same. Not all glass has to be clear, or even smooth for that matter. Our showroom is full of pieces that come in various colors and textures, so you aren’t limited to one particular style. We even carry various types of architectural glass, which is something that is so distinctive that you probably have to see it for yourself to believe the effect it can have on a room.

Have you been staying away from glass in your home for the wrong reasons? We invite you to come in and take a look around our showroom today and see what’s new.

Written by Greg Dunn. Visit Greg on Google+